DreamHack Partners

DreamHack is co-working with smaller organisations to big multi-national corporates. Here’s a list of all our partners for DreamHack Winter 2017 and you can also find more information and link to their homepage.

Main partners

Monster Energy

Based in Corona, California, Monster Beverage Corporation is the leading marketer and distributor of energy drinks and alternative beverages. Refusing to acknowledge the traditional, Monster Beverage Corporation supports the scene and sport. Whether motocross, off-road, NASCAR, BMX, surf, snowboard, ski, skateboard, or the rock and roll lifestyle, Monster is a brand that believes in authenticity and the core of what its sports, athletes and musicians represent. More than a drink, it’s the way of life lived by athletes, sports, bands, believers and fans.

See more about Monster Beverage Corporation including all of its drinks at www.monsterenergy.com

Tetra Pak

Tetra Pak is the world’s leading food processing and packaging solutions company and one of the largest suppliers of packaging systems for milk, fruit juices and drinks. Working closely with our customers and suppliers, we provide safe, innovative and environmentally sound products that each day meet the needs of hundreds of millions of people in more than 170 countries around the world. With more than 23,000 employees based in over 80 countries, we believe in responsible industry leadership and a sustainable approach to business. Our motto, “PROTECTS WHAT’S GOOD™,” reflects our vision to make food safe and available, everywhere.

More information can be found at www.tetrapak.com.

Com Hem

Com Hem delivers TV, telephony and high-speed internet access to Swedish homes and businesses. We are one of Sweden’s leading suppliers with over 2 million households connected, enabling us to offer our range of digital services to 40% of Swedish households. Com Hem was established in 1983 and have approximately 1,200 employees with our head office located in Stockholm.

More information can be found at www.comhem.se.


Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) is a world leader in computing innovation. The company designs and builds the essential technologies that serve as the foundation for the world’s computing devices. Additional information about Intel is available at newsroom.intel.com and blogs.intel.com.

Mer information finns på www.intel.com.


As a meeting-place, Elmia enjoys a powerful position – at the heart of the Nordic region where people and companies either have or are looking for new ideas, products and services. We are not happy just to keep ourselves updated on everything that’s happening in your industry. We also want to inspire, stimulate and drive development. Count on Elmia as an active partner in your world.

More information can be found at www.elmia.se.

Official Media Partners


Twitch is the world’s leading social video platform and community for gamers. Each month, more than 100 million community members gather to watch and talk about video games with more than 1.5 million broadcasters. Twitch’s video platform is the backbone of both live and on-demand distribution for the entire video game ecosystem. This includes game developers, publishers, media outlets, events, user generated content, and the entire esports scene. In February 2014, Twitch was ranked the 4th largest website in terms of peak Internet traffic in the U.S., fortifying the brand as an entertainment industry leader and the epicenter of social video for gamers.

For more information visit the Twitch website and blog.


Based in Cupertino, California, SLIVER.tv is the leading esports 360° entertainment platform, founded by successful entrepreneurs led by CEO Mitch Liu. The company launched its industry-defining platform in Fall 2016 with cutting-edge, patented technology designed to provide esports spectators with a uniquely immersive and cinematic experience in 360° and Virtual Reality. Backed by top-tier Silicon Valley venture capital firms including DCM Ventures, Sierra Ventures, The VR Fund, Colopl, and more, SLIVER.tv is on a mission to transform the interactive esports entertainment industry.

Website: SLIVER.tv
Twitter: twitter.com/SLIVERtv360
Facebook: facebook.com/SLIVERtv360


Sveriges Television (SVT) is the Swedish public service television company with the widest range of programming of all TV companies in Sweden. SVT operates eight channels – seven national, SVT1, SVT2, SVT24, SVT B (a childrens´ channel) and together with UR, Kunskapskanalen, and one international, SVT World. SVT B and SVT24 share the same channel ID. SVT also operates two HD-channels: SVT1 HD and SVT2 HD.

More information can be found at: www.svt.se.


Metro Media House – focused on building an audience digitally, as well as maintaining traditional print, Metro Media House is uniting a captive audience with exciting new ventures. With its experienced team in media, investments, and digital transformation, Metro Media House is a fast-growing media group with interests in music, fashion, recruitment, health, e-sport and loyalty programmes, among many others.

Additionally, the group expands it’s audience through global social influencers. The rapid progress of the traditional newspaper publishing industry by the group has enabled Metro Media House to become a truly unique media company – utterly unlike any other.

More information can be found at: www.metro.se.



Webhallen är en av Sveriges ledande internetbutiker för multimedia och hårdvara. Webhallen står för låga priser och snabba leveranser. Att handla på Webhallen är enklare och bekvämare än att handla i en vanlig affär.

More information can be found at: www.webhallen.com.

Partners and Exhibitors

Alien Arena

Finally, fours years after beginning a massive project, COR Entertainment’s Alien Arena: Warriors of Mars has reached it’s destination” – a release on Steam. During DreamHack Winter you can play the game at DreamExpo. Alien Arena is a furious frag fest with arenas ranging from the small, to the massive. With game modes such as Capture The Flag and Tactical, there are terrific team-based experiences to be had as well as 1v1 duels, free-for-all, and dozens of mutators to alter the game play to your liking.

More information can be found at: red.planetarena.org/.


AORUS is a gamer-focused computer company that makes gaming laptops, motherboards, graphics cards, mechanical gaming keyboards, and other gaming peripherals. It is a subsidiary of Gigabyte Technology. Founded in 2014, their hardware is designed for their relatively slim and light gaming laptops which includes the X3, X5, and X7 series.

More information can be found at: www.aorus.com/.


ROG-branded products always promise you: Absolute leading performance for those keen on winning power Innovative user controls deliver true game-ruling innovation Stylish gamer-focused design merges the excitement of gaming with a unique fashion sense. The Republic of Gamers is committed to producing the most innovative hardcore PC performance hardware, enabling the ultimate computing experience for gamers and enthusiasts worldwide.

More information can be found at: rog.asus.com.

ASTRO Gaming

ASTRO Gaming creates premium video gaming equipment and lifestyle products for professional gamers, leagues and gaming enthusiasts. Spun-off from design powerhouse ASTRO Studios, known in the gaming world for designing the Microsoft Xbox 360™*, Alienware* PCs, and HP’s* Gaming PCs, ASTRO Gaming produces a line of gamer-centric “tech-life” products, supporting this rapidly growing community.

More information can be found at: www.astrogaming.com.

Bandai Namco

Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. is an arcade, mobile and home video game publisher, based in Japan. The company also publishes video, music and other entertainment products related to its video game IPs. In addition to its core publisher operations in Japan, Bandai Namco Entertainment publishes content worldwide through different entities. During 2017, they have released globally acclaimed titles such as Tekken 7 and Dragon Ball FighterZ.

More information can be found at: www.bandainamcoent.com.


Billys Pizza lanserades i Sverige 1993 och blev en omedelbar succé. Den är producerad av Gunnar Dafgård AB i Källby med ost och mjöl från västra Sverige och tomater från medelhavsregionen. Det sägs att idén med göra en fyrkantig pizza uppkom under en resa som Gunnar Dafgård gjorde till Italien i början av 1990-talet. Själva namnet Billys kommer från Bill Clinton som 1992 blev president i USA. Gorbys Piroger, som också produceras av Dafgård i Källby är en annan populär svensk livsmedelsprodukt som är uppkallad efter en känd ledare, nämligen Michail Gorbatjov. Idag så säljs det mer än 30 miljoner Billys per år. Ingen vet exakt hur många som äts under LAN runt om i Sverige men det ryktas om att det är så många som 500000.

Mer information finns på www.billys.com.


Founded in 1994, Corsair has grown from pioneering the high-performance DRAM market to one of the world’s leading providers of enthusiast-grade PC components and peripherals. Their groundbreaking technology and innovation can be found in our high-performance memory, ultra-efficient power supplies, PC cases, PC and CPU cooling solutions, and solid-state storage devices. Under the Corsair Gaming brand, launched in 2014, they provide gaming keyboards, mice, headsets and mouse mats to esport professionals and anybody who is passionate about competitive PC gaming.

Learn more at www.corsair.com.

Esport United

Esport Uniteds grund lades under under mitten av 2000-talet. Dess syfte var att samla och hjälpa talanger inom esport-världen och med en stark prägel mot kvinnlig esport. De tog fram ett koncept på en liga kallad Sisters United som såg ett par års framgång, med lag som deltog från hela världen som spelade matcher varje vecka. Sedan dessa har organisationen genomgått förändringar och i dag är ligger fokus på skapa verksamhet för klaner, föreningar och även organisera nya verksamheter och projekt inom scenen.

Mer information finns på www.esportunited.com.


Estrella AB tillverkar och marknadsför salta snacks i Sverige. Estrella har funnits på den svenska marknaden sedan 1950-talet och är ett av de största varumärkena inom snacks. Företaget ingår i Estrella Maarudkoncernen som finns representerat i Norden samt Baltikum med en omsättning på ca 1 miljard SEK och totalt 350 anställda.

Mer information finns på www.estrella.se.

Fnatic Gear

After 11 years of blood, sweat, and broken gear, Fnatic knows what makes great esports hardware. No flashy green lights will get you a pentakill. No fan on a mouse will help you hit a headshot. Esports gear is about simplicity, comfort, and reliability – it’s exactly what you need to perform and nothing else. That’s why they launched Fnatic Gear, professional grade equipment designed by one of the world’s best esports teams.

More information at www.fnaticgear.com.

Golden Waffel

GoldenWaffel är en av landets största aktörer inom mobil catering och är med på de flesta större och även mindre arrangemang. Vår inriktning är marknader, mässor, festivaler, motortävlingar och musikarrangemang. Efter 17 år i branschen har GoldenWaffel stor erfarenhet!

Mer information finns på www.goldenwaffel.com.


Vansbro, i hjärtat av Dalarna, har många storheter. Dalahästen, Vansbrosimningen och Gunde Svan. I Vansbro ligger också Sveriges största pizzeria där tusentals pizzor från Grandiosa gräddas i stenugn varje dag. Här hyllar vi den svenska pizzakulturen och letar ständigt efter nya genidrag inom pizzavärlden. För att vi på Grandiosa älskar pizza och allt som hör till; krispigt bröd, smält ost och nya spännande smaker.

Mer information finns på www.grandiosa.se.

Grillska Gymnasiet

På Grillska Gymnasiet får du chans att växa utifrån dina förutsättningar och dina mål. Du får kunskap som utvecklar dina färdigheter och förmågor inför framtiden. Grillska Gymnasiet drivs av Stadsmissionens Skolstiftelse och är en friskola utan vinstsyfte. Skolan är icke-konfessionell och politiskt obunden. Det finns sex Grillska Gymnasieskolor och en Grillska Gymnasiesärskola i Mälardalen.

Mer information finns på www.grillska.se.

Hyper X

Designed to meet the most rigorous demands of gamers, overclockers, creative professionals and tech enthusiasts, HyperX® is the high-performance product line from Kingston Technology, the world’s largest independent memory manufacturer. Featuring best-in-class components that deliver superior speed, quality and aesthetic design for more than a decade, HyperX memory modules, USB Flash drives, headsets, cooling fans and SSDs put users at the top of their game. See how HyperX can optimize the performance of just about any rig at kingston.com/hyperx and see the latest from HyperX and the many gaming teams it sponsors at facebook.com/hyperxcommunity.

More information can be found at www.kingston.com/HyperX.


Komplett.se is as an online shop selling computers, components and home-electronics. We are the largest producer of PC in the Nordic market and deliver over 35.000 Komplett PC every year. We offer a great and wide range of products in stock, always competitive prices, fast deliveries and service minded knowledgeable staff. Visit our stand and hang out with us – compete and win premium gaming computers, games and tons of other cool stuff! Skip lines and rowdy stores – order conveniently at Komplett.se!

More information can be found at: www.komplett.se.


Lenovo is a US$45 billion global Fortune 500 company and a leader in providing innovative consumer, commercial and enterprise technology. Their portfolio of high-quality, secure products and services covers PCs, workstations, servers, storage, smart TVs and a family of mobile products such as smartphones (including the Moto brand), tablets and apps. They have approximately 55,000 employees worldwide.

More information can be found at: www.lenovo.com.


LO är ett samarbete mellan fjorton svenska fackförbund. Vi är undersköterskor och bilmekaniker. Vi jobbar i restauranger och i butiker. Du hittar oss på skolbespisningar, förskolor och fabriker.Totalt är vi omkring 1,4 miljoner medlemmar. Vi finns på de flesta arbetsplatserna i landet. I facket jobbar vi tillsammans för ett bättre arbetsliv. Vi förhandlar med arbetsgivarna om löner, arbetsmiljö och arbetstider.

Mer information finns på: www.lo.se.


Motorola created the mobile communications industry. They invented most of the protocols and technologies that make mobile communications possible, including the first mobile phone, the first base station, and most everything in between.

Today, they are combining that pioneering spirit with a renewed commitment to consumers. That’s why their phones run on Android, the world’s most popular operating system. Android brings the openness that shaped the Internet to the mobile world. That’s also why they are dedicated to bringing consumers around the world great value through devices that don’t compromise on quality, experiences or style.

More information can be found at: www.motorola.com.


As a world leading gaming brand, MSI is one of the most trusted names in gaming and esports. They’ve dedicated countless hours and committed numerous resources to the esports community to support the world’s most aspiring and best gamers and use their knowledge and expertise in their products in return. MSI integrated all gamers’ aspirational functions in its gaming rigs, eliminating the tedious trial and error by themselves and pushing the performance beyond limits. The determination to surpass past achievements has made MSI a ‘True Gaming’ brand with gaming spirit throughout the industry!

Mer information finns på: /www.msi.com.


NEEDforSEAT® sells ergonomic, sporty office and gaming seats from MAXNOMIC® to Germany, Europe, the United States and Canada. Our seats are styled like those found in race cars and are designed for long, comfortable use. Uniquely adjustable to exactly the way you like, NEEDforSEAT’s MAXNOMIC® designs encourage healthy posture when sitting — no more tension and pain.

More information can be found at: www.needforseat.com.


På NTI strävar man efter att bli bäst på lärande. Framtiden är full av saker vi ännu inte känner till. De vill vara en del och lära av nya upptäckter och kunskaper. NTI brinner för utbildning och tror att varje människa har talang, potential och en förmåga att utvecklas. Därför tror de på vikten av att deras elever får lära sig att lära och att alltid stå redo för framtidens möjligheter och utmaningar. Då gäller det inte bara att ha en bra utbildning med solida ämneskunskaper och färdigheter, utan även att bli bra på att lära om och lära nytt!

Mer information finns på: www.ntigymnasiet.se.


The Oculus Rift is a virtual reality headset developed and manufactured by Facebook division Oculus VR that makes it possible to experience anything, anywhere, with anyone. With the power of sheer imagination, Oculus Rift can provide you with the most immersive VR experiences and environments available, from games and movies, to exotic worlds and beyond.

More information can be found at: www.oculus.com.


OMEN by HP – HP’s new high-end gaming products – the OMEN X Desktop, OMEN 17 Laptop, OMEN X Curved Display and OMEN with SteelSeries accessories – are engineered to deliver aggressive performance and the flexibility to customize every detail to intensify the thrill of each competition.

More information can be found at www.hp.com.


Onlinepizza är Sveriges största företag inom hemkörning av restaurangmat. De är en del av det globala företaget Delivery Hero Holding med säte i Berlin, Tyskland, och finns representerade i mer än 30 länder. De har idag cirka 1200 anslutna restauranger i Sverige som erbjuder utkörning och takeaway över hela landet.

Mer information finns på: onlinepizza.se.


NFrom the day in 1961 when two airline pilots working in a garage set out to invent a new kind of aviation headset until today, they have considered breakthroughs in audio technology as their daily business. They made history in 1969 when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon and uttered the legendary words: “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” through a Plantronics headset. They have pioneered the lightweight headset, the mobile headset, noise-cancelling technology and the personal speakerphone, always driven by a single obsession: remove the barriers to simply smarter communications.

The result? Their products are used by everyone from pilots, astronauts, and 911 emergency workers to 100% of the Fortune 100. From friends conversing across the globe, to mobile professionals doing business on the road, to contact centers and executive offices, Plantronics is the choice for everyone united by digital technology and the human need to communicate. And a half a century later, they are striving every day to deliver simply smarter communications with innovative design and technology.

More information can be found at www.plantronics.com.


At PwC, their purpose is to build trust in society and solve important problems. They’re a network of firms in 158 countries with more than 236,000 people.

More information can be found at: www.pwc.com.


Razer™ is a world leader in connected devices and software for gamers. Razer is transforming the way people play games, engage with other gamers and identify with the gamer lifestyle. Having won the coveted “Best of CES” award consecutively for five years, the company’s leadership in product innovation continues to create new categories for the gaming community that is estimated to have over 1 billion gamers worldwide.

Razer’s award-winning design and technology include an array of user interface and systems devices, voice-over IP for gamers and a cloud platform for customizing and enhancing gaming devices. Founded in 2005, Razer is backed by Intel Capital, IDG-Accel and Heliconia Capital Management (Heliconia), a wholly owned subsidiary of Singapore investment company Temasek.

More information can be found at: www.razerzone.com.


Dedicated to high quality in-house gear design and engineering, future driven, German created, internationally minded. This is ROCCAT Studios.

More information can be found at: www.roccat.org.


Since its establishment in Suwon, Korea 1969, Samsung Electronics has grown into a global leader in technology. The company’s range includes consumer electronics such as TVs, monitors, refrigerators and washing machines as well as important mobile telecommunications products such as smartphones and tablets.

Samsung commits itself to creating and delivering high-quality products and services that increase convenience and favors smarter lifestyles for its customers around the world. Samsung is committed to improving global society through its constant pursuit of groundbreaking innovations.

Through innovative, reliable products and services, talented people, a responsible approach to business and global citizenship, and collaboration with our partners and customers, Samsung is taking the world in imaginative new directions.

Website: www.samsung.com
Instagram: samsungsverige
Facebook: Samsung Sverige
Twitter: SamsungSverige


For more than 27 years, SanDisk has been transforming digital storage with breakthrough products and ideas that push the boundaries of what’s possible. Their flash memory technologies are used by many of the world’s leading data centers, embedded in the most advanced smartphones, tablets, and laptops, and are trusted by consumers around the world. From handheld devices to hyper-scale data centers, As part of Western Digital since 2016, SanDisk is expanding the possibilities of storage.

More information can be found at: www.sandisk.com.


We are shaping today the audio world of tomorrow – that is the ambition that we and our company live by from day to day. This vision statement vision describes what we are hoping to achieve together. The foundation for this is our history, our culture of innovation and our passion for excellence.

More information can be found at: en-us.sennheiser.com/.


As the market-leading train operating company, SJ links Sweden together, and opens the doors to Scandinavia’s capitals: Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo. Thereby creating opportunities for people to live and work or study in different places and to travel in a convenient and sustainable manner. Today, they operate 1,100 daily departures from 275 stations — from Narvik in the North to Copenhagen in the South, and from Stockholm in the East to Oslo in the West. SJ is part of the solution for meeting Sweden’s climate targets and all our trains in Sweden carry the Good Environmental Choice (Bra Miljöval) label.

More information can be found at: www.sj.se.


SLU develops the knowledge about how to use natural, biological land and water resources in a sustainable manner. Education, research and environmental monitoring and assessment are pursued at some thirty locations all over the country. The main campuses are Alnarp, Umeå and Uppsala.

Mer information finns på: /www.slu.se.


Swebus are the market leader in Sweden for express bus travel with 10,000 departures each week and over 2 million passengers a year. Starting as a local operation we have grown to where we now are located in 50 locations. We work with company owned and independent ticket dealers in each locality. This local commitment allows easy customer accessibility and strengthens our relation with our customers. We have an extensive transportation network with 150 destinations, the majority in Sweden, but we also travel to Norway, Denmark, Germany and the Czech Republic, as well.

More information can be found at: www.swebus.se.

Swedish Armed Forces

The Swedish Armed Forces’ primary responsibility is the capacity to engage in armed combat. We continuously participate in international peacekeeping and peace making missions around the world. We are in a state of readiness to defend Sweden against armed attack, guard Swedish territory, and provide societal support in various ways.

More information can be found at: forsvarsmakten.se/en.


From day one, SteelSeries has been focused on making professional gaming gear that provide meaningful benefits to gamers of all skill-level, with the most demanding being those gamers whose lively hood depends on the performance of our products. We believe, as most gamers do, in winning, not trying!
What originally began as a small two-person operation in Copenhagen back in 2001 has become a global leader in professional gaming products. SteelSeries recognized the need for superior, high-quality professional gaming gear that would give players a competitive edge.

More information can be found at: www.steelseries.com.


Ubisoft is a leading creator, publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment and services, with a rich portfolio of world-renowned brands, including Assassin’s Creed, Just Dance, Tom Clancy’s video game series, Rayman, Far Cry and Watch Dogs. The teams throughout Ubisoft’s worldwide network of studios and business offices are committed to delivering original and memorable gaming experiences across all popular platforms, including consoles, mobile phones, tablets and PCs.

More information can be found at: www.ubisoft.com.


WD® has been a technology standard-setter in the industry’s highest volume markets. WD’s hard drives are deployed in personal computers, enterprise computing systems, consumer electronics and digital video applications, as well as external storage, and personal cloud solutions. WD empowers people around the world to easily save, share and experience their content on multiple connected devices.

More information can be found at: www.wdc.com.


Introduced in late 2008, ZOWIE is a brand dedicated to the development of the best competitive gaming gears available that compliment eSports athletes’ combating performance. From 2015 on, ZOWIE brand was acquired by BenQ Corp to represent the company’s eSports product line that delivers truly competitive experience and enjoyment.

More information can be found at zowie.benq.com.

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