Nordic Championship

Nordic Championship is the most prestigious esport tournament for Nordic-based esport competitors and teams. It is a face off between some of the best competitors from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden in different esport titles.

Nordic Championship is a professional arranged to find the best competitors and define the best country in esports in the Nordics. The competition is broadcasted on a high quality stream which is packaged both for the new esport fans and the hardcore ones. The very best teams in Counter-Strike, Rainbow Six: Siege and StarCraft II will qualify to the Grand Finals played in front of live audience during DreamHack Winter in Jönköping, Sweden – and there is much to win!

Results season 2

Grand Final (Bo7)

ENCE Serral Namshar4-0

Final results

1st – 25.000 SEK – ENCE Serral
2nd – 15.000 SEK – Namshar
3rd-4th – 5.000 SEK – Snute, SortOf


Grand Final (Bo3)

BK is watching – ENCE Esports – 2-0

Final results

1st – 50.000 SEK – BK is watching
2nd – 35.000 SEK – ENCE Esports
3rd-4th – 7.500 SEK – BeLegit 4444, Moti On Gaming

Grand Final

HAVU – Passionsoda – 2-1

Final results

1st – 100.000 SEK – HAVU
2nd – 70.000 SEK – Passionsoda
3-4rd – 15.000 SEK – TOXIC, Acapella

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