Hall Guide

A full Hall Guide will be posted shortly, so make sure to check back later for more information. We will continue to open up more seats as time goes on. Don’t delay though, as your favorite spot might be gone by the next time you check. In the meantime, here is a summary of the halls – more information to be released soon!

Hall A

  • Esports, esports and esports, offering competitions from all the greatest games. If you’re up for a great viewing experience, head to Hall A!
  • At Hall A, you will find the sleeping halls, which will be quiet once the esports competitions has ended for the day.
  • Table Seat Premium will be in Hall A!

Hall B

  • The Expo area, the biggest in the Nordics, can be found in Hall B, featuring some of the largest and most innovative companies & exhibitioners in the gaming industry.
  • In true fashion, Hall B continues to have a dedicated LAN area!

Hall C

  • If you’re a gamer that like a quiet gaming experience but still want to take part in the big stuff going on in Hall D, then we would recommend to pick a seat in Hall C.
  • Stream Zone – meet your favorite streaming personalities and watch them stream live from the venue!
  • Lover of all vintage things, pixels and classic games? If so, you want to be close to the Retro Zone, found in Hall C!

Hall D

  • In Hall D you can find the Main Stage of DreamHack Winter. Want to be where everything happens? Then Hall D is your choice!
  • Hall D will also have LAN seats.
  • Also, you find DreamHack Support in Hall D where you can get help with your PC, if something happens.


  • Speedrunning is currently TBD.
  • 20+ Areas will be in Lobby North.
  • Returning again to Lobby South will be the Fan Zone.
  • In addition, the Racket Centrum will be a part of the main sleeping hall that will be quiet during all time, with a rain and wind-proof tunnel to the sleeping area so you don’t have to walk outside in snow/rain to go to bed in RC.
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