DreamHack has always been a home of creativity and passion, with activities such as modding, programming and music & graphic design. The Casemod Championship competition is a part of that tradition, and just like DHS17 DreamHack will once again host two competitions in both non-professional modding and master class. Today we’re happy to announce the sign ups for the Master Class.

The competition consists of two different classes. Master Class with invited modders and pre-selected contestants based from an online application, and Open Class where visitors at the event can participate.


Saturday 20:00 December 2nd – Apply for Open Class, case review (Fan Zone, Lobby Syd)
Sunday 20:00, December 3rd – Finals (Hall D)


The finals and prize ceremony of DreamHack Case Mod Championship will be held at the DreamHack Main Stage in hall D, Sunday night. Prize pool: 40.980SEK

Master Class

1st place: 10.000SEK
2nd place: 7.000SEK
3rd place: 4.000SEK + Ticket to DHS18

Open Class

1st place: 4.000SEK + Ticket to DHS18
2nd place: 2.000SEK + Ticket to DHS18
3rd place: 1.000SEK + Ticket to DHS18

Master Class

The contestants for this competition will be, by the judges and representatives from DreamHack: pre-selected from the on-line applications made in advance. The selected contestants will then be invited to the competition at DreamHack Winter 2017.

Open Class

Open Class is a competition were everyone can sign up at the event. On the 2nd of december between 20:00 and 20:45, the contestants can get their cases and mods reviewed by judges and apply for the Open Class. This will be held in the Fan Zone area in “Lobby syd”. Judges will be present and decide who qualifies to the finals. Contestants from the Master Class can’t participate in the Open Class.


  • The entry cannot have been in any previous competitions and won a prize prior to 1 july. 2017
  • You can compete with an existing build
  • Each entry must be altered in some form from a “Stock PC” or “Stock case”
  • Each entry must be a functional PC system. Fully functional power socket, display output and USB input is mandatory. The system must be able to display picture on screen and respond to input.
  • Contestants in the Master Class can’t compete in the Open Class
  • The contestants are limited to one entry per physical person
  • The contestant must be the creator of the build
  • Registration for Master class is open between 2017-11-09 and 2017-11-15
  • The Community votes for Open Class will take place on Sweclockers.com between 17-12-02 22:00 and 17-12-03 19:00
  • There is no limitation of materials used
  • Each contestant must be available upon request to display the entry in Fan Zone at DHW17
  • Each contestant must be present at DHW17 and have a valid ticket (any ticket is valid).
  • To be able to win, the contestant and entry needs to be present at the finals in Hall D. 2017-12-03 20:00
  • Registration for open class will take place on DreamHack Winter 2017. 2017-12-02
  • All judging will be made on site at DreamHack Winter 2017

Judging assessments

  • Overall design
  • Attention to detail
  • Quality of craftsmanship
  • Innovation
  • Use of hardware (not performance)

Bonus Categories

A pool of categories that will be distributed between the contestants based on the overall variety and relevance in the submitted entries.

  • Most creative/unique
  • Best theme & color
  • Best sleeving / cable management
  • Best Compact / SFF
  • Best Cooling solution
  • Best scratch-build
  • Best original design
  • Best build quality

More to be added…


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