Activities at DreamHack Winter 2017

DreamHack is the World’s largest digital festival and the indisputable largest LAN party in the World with over 50,000 visitors, 23,425 unique devices in the network and close to 10 000 visitors who enjoy DreamHack with their own computer. DreamHack Winter 2017 will be open 24/7 and there are a plethora of activities going on!



  • The World’s largest digital festival
  • Alcohol and drug free, open for all ages
  • Computers, Internet and digital culture

More information about the festival can be found here.



  • The World’s largest LAN party
  • Over 23,000 unique devices
  • Hype level: Over 9000!

DreamHack is the undisputed world largest LAN with multiple Guinness World records. At DreamHack Summer 2016 there was 20 592 unique connected devices in the DreamHack network. More information about the BYOC LAN can be found here.



  • Professional and amateur tournaments
  • First Person Shooter
  • Real Time Strategy
  • Fighting Games
  • MOBA
  • Console

DreamHack arranges a lot of Esport tournaments for all audiences ranging from casual and fun to real hard core attracting professional players. All major genres like Moba, Team FPS, Duel FPS, Racing, Fighting, Sports, Music and strategic games are featured.

Most of the tournaments are open for everybody and often starts in the BYOC area then moves on to a tournament area. The finals for the main games are played in front of thousands of people on some of our dedicated esport stages.

More information about the BYOC Tournaments can be found here. Are you interested to watch professional gamers competing live check out our Esport section to see what tournaments DreamHack will host live at DreamHack Winter 2017.


Music and Performances

  • JS
  • Competitions
  • Live esports
  • Giveaways
  • Promotions

During the festival visitors of all ages and interests can all expect to find some entertainment right up their alley. Whether its checking out live music on the Main Stage in the evenings, or crazy competitions and partner activities by day. Be sure to follow the news page and the Main Stage page for a full schedule and to find out what will be going on!



  • Innovative companies
  • DreamStore
  • Goodies
  • Competitions
  • Gaming
  • Fun activities

In our DreamExpo you will find many of the largest an most innovative companies showing off the latest hardware, gaming gear, games and gadgets – often with great fun and activities like shoot outs, giveaways and more. Meet developers, pro gamers, politicians, teachers and celebrities, all in the DreamExpo in Hall B. Find more information about the DreamExpo here.



While these activities might differ from one another, they’re all connected through the wonderful world of gaming. At DreamHack there are several different where you get to take your passion to the next level. Meet your idols, favorite



  • World class cosplays competitions
  • World known cosplay stars

In the DreamHack spirit of bringing the world of games and fantasy to life, what better way to explore than through cosplay? DreamHack have had plenty of cosplay competitions through the years, and Winter 2017 is no exception. Start prepping your costumes or just come experience the spectacular contestants in attendance! Read more about the cosplay activities here.


DreamStore and Other Shopping

  • DreamHack Store
  • Festival deals
  • Gadgets
  • Fan Wear
  • Hardware, Software, gaming gear and much more

DreamStore is DreamHack’s festival store with great offers on hardware, software, games, gadgets and game gear. All major brands are represented. Its not uncommon that product launches are made during our big festivals at Elmia in Jönköping. In Lobby South you can find the official DreamHack Merchandise Store where you can find all DreamHack products and some other great stuff from our partners. DreamHack Merchandise Store is opened 24/7

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