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ROG DreamLeague – day 2

ROG DreamLeague – day 2 A surprising turn of events as the favorites gets knocked down to the loser bracket, an old rivalry rekindled, and a chance for redemption after the defeat at DreamHack Austin. The conclusion of ROG DreamLeague season 8 on Sunday holds many interesting storylines and we can’t contain our hype for […]

Quake Champions Invitational – day 2

Quake Champions Invitational – day 2 Quake Champions Invitational has been running non-stop through the day, with the two tournaments in both Duel and Sacrifice being played – with Sacrifice off stage as Duel went into playoffs face. Today’s Duel games were all played in bo3, and these are the results that has led up […]

DreamHack ASTRO Open – day 2

DreamHack Winter – day 2 Despite what the image tells you, day 2 was more about deciding semifinalists in DreamHack ASTRO Open than Santas preparing for Christmas. With the group stage concluded we have our four final teams that will compete for the first prize of $50,000 USD. The action resumes tomorrow 11:30. Until then, […]

Join the Minecraft BYOC competition!

Join the Minecraft BYOC competition! The DreamHack Minecraft competition is finally ready to kick off, and we got all the information you need! Get ready to show off your creative genius! Challenge Create something DreamHack-related in Minecraft vanilla Creative Mode. Take up to a total limit of 10 screenshots and/or one video (no longer than […]

Hulk & Ninjaz to play at DreamHack Winter!

Hulk & Ninjaz to play at DreamHack Winter! Like DreamHack Winter wasn’t already filled amazing live acts, another one joins the line-up. DreamHack is excited to announce that Hulk & Ninjaz will be playing live from the Main Stage during Saturday night (Sunday). Time on the Main Stage: Sunday December 3rd – 01:45 As someone […]

Challenge J-Södra and Hammarby!

Challenge J-Södra and Hammarby! Ever felt the urge to challenge a professional football player to a game and show off your pure skill and potential? Now you have the chance! Compete against players from Jönköpings Södra and Hammarby in FIFA 2017 over at the Samsung booth. The games will be played on the brand new […]

CS:GO and Overwatch Tournaments and live modding!

CS:GO and Overwatch Tournaments and live modding! Esport United presents together with ABF this year’s Dreamhack booth. We have also brought our sub organizations to be able to give the attenders the full program and an awesome experience where they can play win prices and learn something at the same time. We will also like […]

Food and dining guide for DreamHack Winter

Food and dining information at DreamHack Winter Looking for good food but don’t know what to pick or where to go? Do you have any specific allergies you’re worried about? Don’t worry, DreamHack got you covered! Jamaican Soul food – Hall D Jamaican Jerk Burger 99 SEK Served with melted peppar jack cheese, chilimayo, jerkglaze, […]

Join the DreamHack Recycle Challenge!

Join the DreamHack Recycle Challenge! Do you feel an urge to be the master of recycling cans at DHW17? Do you want to win awesome prizes each day and get the chance to win the grand master prize? Prizes worth over 14.000 SEK is at stake for those who recycle cans at DHW17! DreamHack Winter […]

Razer Broadcast Studio – designed and tested by top streamers

Razer Broadcast Studio – Designed and tested by top streamer Check out the DreamHack Stream Zone and the Razer booth to test the new Razer Seiren X Condenser Streaming Microphone and Razer Kiyo Desktop Streaming Camera. The Razer Kiyo is the world’s first desktop camera equipped with an adjustable ring light. This enables an all-in-one […]

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