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CS:GO – Fnatic and Team Liquid invited to DHW17

Fnatic and Team Liquid invited to DreamHack ASTRO Open Last weekend Cloud9 won DreamHack ASTRO Open Denver with convincing results. With the event behind us, the tour now shifts focus to its 9th and final stop of the year – DreamHack Winter between December 1st to 3rd. Meet the first two confirmed teams. The upcoming […]

DreamHack BYOC announcement #2: Overwatch

DreamHack BYOC announcement #2 – Overwatch Slowly but surely we are announcing each of the BYOC tournaments coming to DreamHack Winter. Today we’re happy to reveal that Blizzard Entertainment’s futuristic shooter Overwatch will be our second BYOC title at the upcoming LAN festival in Jönköping, December 1st-4th. Cheers love, Overwatch is here! Blizzard’s beloved fps […]

Attend Back2Game and win DreamHack BYOC tickets

Attend Back2Game and win DreamHack BYOC tickets Dreamhack is happy to be sponsoring Back2Game, a Swedish LAN held in Varberg between October 27-30, with tournaments in Counter-Strike: GO, League of Legends, Hearthstone and some old classics like Unreal Tournament and Quake 2. Take the chance and compete for great prices, cash and gear – including […]

Watch world class competitions in a new esports hall

Watch world class competitions in the a new esports hall The esports entertainment is the fuel of DreamHack and for the last festival of the year, there will be an unbelievable line-up of world class tournaments in a variety of games. What better way then, than to have it all collected in one single place, […]

DreamHack BYOC announcement: Rocket League

DreamHack BYOC announcement #1 – Rocket League DreamHack Winter is the ultimate social experience for gamers – gaming online is awesome but gaming IRL at the DreamHack LAN is epic! The BYOC tournaments is a big part of that experience and starting today, DreamHack will begin to reveal our upcoming BYOC tournament every week leading […]

Greatness always comes back: DH Crew

Esport security crew – DreamHack Summer 2017 Greatness always comes back: DreamHack Crew DreamHack has been around since 1994, and over its 22 year long history it has grown from a small computer happening to the massive LAN party it is today. This would not have been possible were it not for the many passionate […]

Watch the DreamHack Winter 2017 trailer

Watch the DreamHack Winter trailer DreamHack Winter is less than two months away, and while the days are getting darker and darker there is light in the tunnel. That light is made out of with lasers and hype, and it is soon time to once again journey to Jönköping, Sweden. Here’s a taste of what’s […]

Road to Nordic Championship – now it begins!

Road to the Nordic Championship s2 begins! The Nordic Championship is back with its second season of 2017, once again crowning champions from the Nordic region. Contestants from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden will compete in three different games, with the grand finals being held at DreamHack Winter. The road to the finals begins now! […]

Bass Modulators confirmed for DreamHack Winter

Bass Modulators confirmed for DreamHack Winter! Fans of hardstyle, rejoice! Today we welcome another great live act to DreamHack Winter 2017. At Sunday December 3rd, Bass Modulators will take to the Main Stage in Hall D and make the walls of Elmia shake of epic bass! Two guys driven by their passion for music. Born […]

New wave of 20+ BYOC seats released for DreamHack Winter

New wave of 20+ BYOC seats released for DreamHack Winter Pack your computer and all your gaming gear. DreamHack is releasing another wave of 20+ seats for the Winter festival in Jönköping, December 1st-4th! Grab your seat before they’re sold out! DreamHack is all about the LAN party, and the ultimate way to experience DreamHack […]

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