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DreamHack Winter event summary

DreamHack Winter 2017 might be over, but the memories of all the esports, BYOC tournaments, live acts and other activities we got to participate in, are still fresh. Today we look back at three amazing days of non-stop gaming and entertainment.

DreamHack would like to extend a big thank you to all of you who attended DHW17, from teams and players to partners and attendees who made the festival what it came to be. Here are all the results and statistics from the festival. As we round up the year, we have now started preparing for what is to come next


  • Over 55,000 visitors
  • 1 (and only) Doctor DisRespect
  • Over $1,900,000 USD in total esport prize purse and prizes
  • 30+ nationalities represented
  • 30+ esport organizations on site
  • 800+ Crew members
  • 70+ competing Smash players
  • 40+ Casters commentating
  • 250+ competing Hearthstone players
  • 42+ streamers in the Stream Area
  • 30+ companies represented in the DreamExpo Area
  • 3,000+ estimated kilo kebab meat consumed
  • 40,000+ estimated meters of Network Cables
  • 25,000+ estimated devices in the Network


Team Secret had already shown some great performance in the EU/CIS league of ROG DreamLeague season 8, finishing 1st place with a total score of 11-3. Going into the playoffs in the Swedish Dota 2 Major it was clear it was their time to shine.

At DreamHack Winter they only lost one game. In the finals it only took them three straight games to seal the deal against the winners of TI7 Team Liquid in front of a full house in the DreamArena Extreme.

Prize distribution

1st – $500,000 – Team Secret
2nd – $200,000 –Team Liquid
3rd – $100,000 –Evil Geniuses
4th – $70,000 –Natus Vincere


Cobblestone and Inferno was all that was needed to seal the deal for the last DreamHack ASTRO Open of the year. The grand final went down between Na’Vi and mousesports. The Ukrainians took control early on in the match with six straight rounds as terrorists, winning first map 16-4. This was followed up by another win, this time with the score 16-11. By securing themselves first place, Na’Vi takes home a prize of $50,000 USD.

Prize distribution

1st – $50,000 –Natus Vincere
2nd – $20,000 –mousesports
3rd-4th – $10,000 –Team EnvyUs
3rd-4th – $10,000 –Gambit Esports


Quake came to DreamHack with a crazy line-up of skilled players – many of whom have been in the esports scene longer than most. Despite the fierce competition, one team would dominate the tournament. Team Liquid went through the group stage and playoffs without losing a single map during the whole tournament, ending their run by defeating Stacked in the grand finals. Liquid’s map score? 17-0.

Having already won Sacrifice with Team Liquid, Tim “DaHanG” Fogarty moved on to play the Duel final against his Swedish opponent Johan “toxjq” Quick, showing great confidence combined with outstanding reflexes. Winning the series 3-0 meant DaHanG hade conquered both Sacrifice and Duel at DreamHack.


1st – $50,000 – DaHanG
2nd – $30,000 – toxjq
3rd-4th – $15,000 – rapha
3rd-4th – $15,000 – cYpheR


1st – $70,000 – Team Liquid
2nd – $40,000 –Stacked
3-4th – $25,000 –Modus Operandi
3-4th – $25,000 –Team 2z


The mobile MOBA Arena of Valor brought the $100,000 USD Non-Pro Tournament to DreamHack Winter, with a big arena located in the center of Hall D. For the whole event, fans and new players alike could participate in different activations and play with some of Sweden’s greatest gaming personalities.

The tournament itself came to be decided on the Mixed Stage over in Hall B, where fans could see France secure the first title in the game. The matches themselves were a treat to watch, some of them lasting over 30 (!) minutes.

Final standings

1st – France
2nd – Germany
3rd – Italy


Once again Daybreak brought its high-octane tournament H1Z1 Elite Series to a DreamHack event, hosting competitions in both the Solo and Team formats with over $250,000 USD in prize purse. Residing in the esports center of Hall A, H1Z1 had its own combined player’s lounge combined with a gaming and casting area. The games themselves did not fail to deliver.


1st – $30,000 – Method_OliverGC
2nd – $17,000 – siigN
3rd – $13,000 – Mockit_MP


1st – $50,000 – Impact Gaming
2nd – $35,000 – Counter Logic Gaming
3rd – $21,000 – Method


“I had it all along” said the confident winner of the DreamHack Hearthstone Grand Prix at DreamHack Winter. Finnish player Sauli “zumpp” Rinta managed to defeat his opponent Vanik with 3-1 and thus seal the tournament, taking home $7,500 USD in prize money.

Five out of seven stops this year had been won by a player from the event region, but for DreamHack Winter we instead saw one of the most diverse playoff line-ups in a long time, with over ten different countries fighting for a share of the $25,000 USD prize pool.

Prize distribution

1st – $7,500 – Zumpp
2nd – $3,500 – Vanik
3rd-4th – $2,050 – Swaggermeist
3rd-4th – $2,050 – un33d


DreamHack’s very own PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS duo activation “Chicken for two” attracted more than a thousand participants onsite, had an estimated 4069 ingame eliminations and over 141,000 hours watched on Twitch. Heck, even Doctor Disrespect appeared in the middle of the broadcast to offer his unrivaled expertise to the cast. One thing is sure – we have not seen the last chicken dinner! The best part? Nearly every fifth BYOC visitor participated in the tournament.

Final standings

1st – Avnqr & Balloc
2nd – Molnman & Ollywood
3rd – Ciggzy & Frosz


Whenever there’s a DreamHack Smash tournament around, you can count on that the Lindgren brothers will be there demolishing opponents left and right. This year, Adam “Armada” Lindgren came to tournament chasing an ongoing milestone – three consecutive DreamHack Summer/Winter titles. With his victories at DHW16 and DHS17, DHW17 would mark a fin addition to his already excellent track.

With his god rival Hungrybox not participating in the tournament, Armada swept through the singles with relative ease, with only his fellow countryman Leffen providing him a challenge in the Winners Finals. He remains DreamHack’s unrivaled champion.


1st – $5,000 – Armada
2nd – $2,500 – Wizzrobe
3rd – $1,000 – Leffen


1st – $5,000 – Armada / Android
2nd – $2,500 – Swedish Delight / Wizzrobe
3rd – $1,000 – Amsah / Professor Pro


The grand finals in the Nordic Championship season 2 were all represented by either Sweden or Finland, and over 295 000 SEK was handed out in total prize money in CS:GO, Rainbow Six: Siege and StarCraft II. All in all, Finland won two disciplines out of three – a perfect birthday gift to the country that just turned 100 years old!

In CS:GO, Finnish squad HAVU once again managed to win the championship, making them two-time champions this year. However, in Rainbow Six their countrymen ENCE was not as fortunate, failing to defend their title against BK is Watching. In StarCraft II, Serral made short process out of Namshar, winning the series with 4-0.


1st – 100.000 SEK – HAVU
2nd – 70.000 SEK – Passionsoda
3-4rd – 15.000 SEK – TOXIC
3-4rd – 15.000 SEK – Acapella

Rainbow Six: Siege

1st – 50.000 SEK – BK is watching
2nd – 35.000 SEK – ENCE Esports
3rd-4th – 7.500 SEK – BeLegit 4444
3rd-4th – 7.500 SEK – Moti On Gaming

Starcraft II

1st – 25.000 SEK – Serral
2nd – 15.000 SEK – Namshar
3rd-4th – 5.000 SEK – Snute
3rd-4th – 5.000 SEK – SortOf


Other competitions

At this years DreamHack Winter Cosplay we saw 26 amazing contestants on stage, biding for the top three spots! Our judges, Grimalkin Cosplay, Marugitto Cosplay, Scarlett Costuming & SFX, and Tokah Cosplay had a hard time choosing between the winners for this years event. The show ended up having three honorary shoutouts, and a special Samsung prize for one special cosplay!

The show was proudly presented by our sponsors Webhallen, PwC, and with a special token prize by Samsung! DreamHack along with its sponsors would like to thank all the contestants that came out for DreamHack Winter Cosplay 2017!

Prize distribution

1st – 15.000 SEK – Remedy Cosplay . Cosplaying Okami Hanzo from Overwatch
2nd – 10.000 SEK – Colbell Cosplay, Cosplaying Yennefer of Vengerberg from The Witcher 3
3rd – 5.000 SEK – Cassidy, Cosplaying Jinx Original Skin, from League of Legends
Samsung Special – You Who Say, Cosplaying Deadwood from Heroes of Newerth!

Judge favorites

Neah Rayne cosplaying Pyramid Head from Silent Hill Homecoming!
Ninjasmin cosplaying Lich from Dota2!
Aisuni Cosplay cosplaying Ciri from The Witcher!

Congratulations once again to all our contestants!


Master Class

1st – 10.000 SEK – Hans Peder Sahl (Benchy McBenchface)
2nd – 7.000 SEK – Tim Petterson (Tilt)
3rd – 4.000 SEK – Niklas Forsberg (Spectrum)

Open Class

1st – 4.000 SEK – Morgan Winberg (Batcave)
2nd – 2.000 SEK – Tobias Hellqvist (Project Ash)
3rd – 1.000 SEK – Victor Lanner (Luxerious)

Other categories

Community vote – Morgan Winberg (Batcave)
Most creative – Niklas Forsberg (Spectrum)
Best theme – Tim Warning (Reinhardt)
Best cable mod – Marcus Fröidh (Fröldh)
Most creative use of materials – Ville Kapanen (Hot Box)
Most elegant design – Johnny Stone (10th Anniversary)
Most innovative use of hardware – Kristoffer Jensen (Project Cerberus)
Best original design – Tim Petterson (Tilt)
Best mod of existing case – Daniel Fagerström (Infinity)



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