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Teknikum Växjö takes home DreamHack School Championship

As DreamHack Winter approaches the end of the festival, winners have been crowned in the School Championship’s CS:GO competition.

Teknikum are the first champions in DreamHack School Championship and the CS:GO discipline. The team showed the strength of their team play and coordination all through the tournament, which rewarded them with a first place in the competition.

In the finals they faced the Norwegian team Buskerud, who previously had knocked out Arlanda. Teknikum overcame the challenge and secured victory with 2-0 in maps after taking 16-4 on Mirage, followed by 16-10 on Cache.

Congratulations to our first champions!

Teknikum Roster

Coach: Linus Nilsson

To watch the final from the DreamHack School Championship, check out the VOD on Twitch.

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