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Quake Champions talent line-up

The Quake Champions Invitational is nearly upon us, with only one day left until the $350,000 USD tournament begins in the formats of Dual and Sacrifice. The tournament will be casted by a group of amazing talent, and today we’re happy to present that line-up to you.


Daniel “ddk” Kapadia
Dan “zsx” Sanders
Xavier “zoot” Dhorne
Ryan “Ketchup” Neal
Victor “Makaveli” Cuadra
Alex “Jehar” Popa

Follow the action

Quake Champions Invitational will be streamed throughout the tournament at DreamHack Winter. To catch all the actions, jump over to twitch.tv/quakechampions!

Get your ticket

Want to experience Quake Champions live? There are plenty of tickets types to pick from in order to experience it from the venue at DreamHack Winter. Check out our ticket site to learn more about the ticket types available!

Stay Tuned for Updates

Can’t wait for more Quake Champions action at DreamHack? Follow @DreamHackQuake on twitter, or check out our Facebook pages for DreamHack Winter for more updates as we get closer to the events. Stop by, say hello, and enjoy some Quake Champions excitement!

Check out our Quake Champions Invitational page for full details on the event.

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