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Quake Champions Invitational – Survival Guide

Trying to catch the latest updates on tomorrow’s big tournament? Quake Champions Invitational is here with competitions in both the Dual and Sacrifice formats and over $350,000 in prize money – and you can watch all the action on twitch.tv/quakechampions.

Here is all you need to know about the upcoming competition, its players, teams and timetables.


Friday December 1st

10:00 Pre-show
10:15 Duel Group A – Nosfa vs Cypher
11:30 Duel Group B – AstroBoy vs k1llsen
12:45 Duel Group C – Raisy vs Xron
14:00 Duel Group D – Cooller vs Toxjq
15:15 Duel Group E – Clawz vs Rapha
16:30 Duel Group F – DaHang vs Agent
17:45 Sacrifice Group A – 2z vs Modus Operandi
19:00 Sacrifice Group B – Liquid vs WinRAR License Salesmen
20:15 Sacrifice Group C – Stacked vs 1z

Saturday December 2nd

11:45 Pre-show
12:00 Duel RO12 – Pikawa vs noctis
13:15 Duel RO12 – Spart1e vs Astroboy
14:30 Duel RO12 – Vo0 vs DaHang
15.45 Duel RO12 – Cooller vs Xron
17:00 Duel RO8 – Toxjq vs noctis
18:15 Duel RO8 – Cypher vs Astroboy
19:30 Duel RO8 – k1llsen vs DaHang
20:45 Duel RO8 – Rapha vs Xron

Sunday December 3rd

11:45 Pre-show
12:00 Sacrifice Semifinals – Team Liquid vs Modus Operandi
13:15 Sacrifice Semifinals – 2z vs Stacked
14:30 Duel Semifinals – DaHang vs Rapha
16:00 Duel Semifinals – Toxjq vs Cypher
17:30 Sacrifice Grand Final
19:15 Duel Grand Final

Duel Groups

Group A

Vo0, Cypher, Nosfa, Griffin

Group B

K1llsen, Dooi, Astroboy, Base

Group C

Raisy, Xron, Pikawa, Sane

Group D

cooller, Tox, Guitarreichon, Gellehsak

Group E

Clawz, Rapha, Steej, BYOC

Group F

Av3k, DaHanG, Agent, BYOC

Sacrifice Groups

Group A

2z, Modus Operandi, Australia Team, BYOC

Group B

Liquid, WinRar, Team zR, BYOC

Group C

Stacked, No Drama, 1z, BYOC



Daniel “ddk” Kapadia
Dan “zsx” Sanders
Xavier “zoot” Dhorne
Ryan “Ketchup” Neal
Victor “Makaveli” Cuadra
Alex “Jehar” Popa

Stay tuned for updates

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