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Esport press conferences at DHW17 by Metro Esport

Catch the latest esport moments with comments from players, influencers and personalities with Metro Esport.

DreamHack is excited to announce a new partnership for the DreamHack Winter 2017 festival. Publisher Metro Esport will together with DreamHack organize and cover press conferences for the various esport tournaments that takes place at DreamHack Winter 2017.

The press conferences will take place in the press area for all participating media to join in and ask questions to the competitors. More information about the Metro Esport conference area will be available on the DreamHack Winter press page.

Metro Esport will also provide you will the latest news and reports from DreamHack Winter at the Metro Esport site: metro.se/esport. Make sure to also follow Metro Esport on Facebook to not miss out on any of the latest action!

About Metro

Metro Media House – focused on building an audience digitally, as well as maintaining traditional print, Metro Media House is uniting a captive audience with exciting new ventures. With its experienced team in media, investments, and digital transformation, Metro Media House is a fast-growing media group with interests in music, fashion, recruitment, health, e-sport and loyalty programmes, among many others.

Additionally, the group expands it’s audience through global social influencers. The rapid progress of the traditional newspaper publishing industry by the group has enabled Metro Media House to become a truly unique media company – utterly unlike any other.

More information can be found at: www.metro.se.

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