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TheSimms and Deman to cast “Chicken For Two” PUBG tournament

“Chicken for Two” – DreamHack’s largest PUBG activation yet – is only days away with DreamHack Winter opening the gates on Friday. For this one-of-a-kind BYOC event, we’ve paired up with two of the best PUBG talents out there. Richard “TheSimms” Simms and Leigh “Deman” Smith will be the ones bringing you all the action from the three-day PUBG tournament.

As a side note, we’ve just updated the rules of the tournament which you can find here. Remember that with a LAN seat at DreamHack Winter, you and your friends just need to join the official DreamHack Discord channel to be part of the tournament, no registration or check-in needed. Read everything about participating here.

Follow the action on Twitch and on-site

The tournament and the final round will also be broadcasted on Twitch, with a special viewing area for all attendees who wish to follow the action on site. On camera personalities, together with the bounty hunt prizes, participating influencers, and a full schedule will be revealed in the upcoming weeks. Make sure to follow Facebook, Twitter, Discord, and the PUBG esports page here.


Richard “TheSimms” Simms
Leigh “Deman” Smith

Play with others

In addition to the PUBG FFA Tournament, DreamHack will also be hosting a PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game row for BYOC ticket buyers.

To purchase a ticket for this game row, head to the DreamHack ticket page to learn more.

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