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PUBG Chicken for Two: Achievement Bonanza!

As of Friday 17:00 December 1st, the PLAYERUNKNOWN’s BATTLEGROUNDS BYOC tournament Chicken for Two will be live at DreamHack Winter. Today we’re excited an alternative way of achieving greatness in the competition – participate in the Achievement Bonanza.

PLAYERUNKNOWN’s BATTLEGROUNDS is coming to DreamHack Winter, with one of the biggest activations on-site this festival. Each day, BYOC players will be able to compete in non-stop games in the Chicken for Two tournament, with their score contributing to an overall leaderboard according to a point system that rewards both placement and kills. Players with the best scores will move on to the grand finals on Sunday.

Join the mayhem

In addition to the general tournament – which awards the best possible score – players will also be able to partake in the Chicken for Two Achievement Bonanza – a special duo game mode were players compete under extraordinary circumstances never seen in the standard format. Survive a zombie apocalypse, defeat Dr Disrespect or win with a crossbow only. The challenges are fierce, but the rewards are for winning are priceless!

Achievement runs

The achievement runs listed below will be announced randomly on the official DreamHack PUBG Discord server during the course of the tournament. Once announced, players can join a specific achievement server to compete for a grand prize under extraordinary conditions.

  • Where is the award winner now? (Killing Dr Disrespect in special themed game)
  • Violence, Speed, Momentum (Longest team kill streak)
  • Delicious Brains (survive a zombie themed server, 4 players either squad or 2 Duos, 90 zombies)
  • Are you training for the Hunger Games? (Team that played the most games)
  • Throne of Bones (Team with the most total kills)

Prizes from Sennheiser

Winning an achievement run will award each champion with a brand new Sennheiser GSP 301 gaming headset. The GSP 300 Series uses Sennheiser’s famed acoustic technology to enhance every gaming session with even greater clarity and realism. They have stepped up the bass to add further intensity to the gameplay, so that you can truly experience the game to the fullest.

It is also equipped with a broadcast quality noise-cancelling microphone that minimizes background noise, and a short boom arm that cuts out breathing sound for clearer in-game communication. To mute, simply lift the boom arm and you’re off the air!



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