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Take the bus to DreamHack Winter 2017

Direct buses all the way up to DreamHack if you book the Swebus round trip.

With only four days left it is once again time to head to Jönköping for the best possible way to end the year. DreamHack Winter is just around the corner and we have the perfect transport for you down to Jönköping. With Swebus you can take their buses all the way up to the DreamHack Winter entrance, with transports leaving from four different cities.

At Swebus you can also buy a special DreamHack luggage space for your gear. Don’t worry – on Swebus there are both Wi-Fi and enough power to keep you entertained the whole trip. No need to stay afk for too long! 😉

Prices round trip

Stockholm – DreamHack fr. 377 kr t/r
Göteborg – DreamHack fr. 197 kr t/r
Malmö – DreamHack fr. 359kr t/r
Karlstad – DreamHack fr. 449kr t/r

Book a round trip at get a 20% discount

If you buy a Swebus round trip to the Elmia venue at DreamHack Winter, you will get a 20% discount. The discount does not require a campaign code and will be added when you book your round trip.

Add DreamHack luggage space

Do you travel with a lot of luggage? Then you might want to add “DreamHack-bagage” (DreamHack luggage) to your trip so you can fit your sleeping bag, chair and other necessary equipment. Adding this feature costs 49 kr.

Book your trip now at Swebus DreamHack page!


Swebus are the market leader in Sweden for express bus travel with 10,000 departures each week and over 2 million passengers a year. Starting as a local operation we have grown to where we now are located in 50 locations. We work with company owned and independent ticket dealers in each locality. This local commitment allows easy customer accessibility and strengthens our relation with our customers. We have an extensive transportation network with 150 destinations, the majority in Sweden, but we also travel to Norway, Denmark, Germany and the Czech Republic, as well.

More information can be found at: www.swebus.se.

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