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Greatness always comes back – Altégo

Did you think we had forgotten? We sure didn’t! He’s back ladies and gents – the resident DJ of DreamHack who never misses a festival. On December 3rd, the legend himself end the festival – DJ Altégo.

DreamHack has a rich history of passionate people that have poured heart and soul into the festivals, making them better and better, year after year.

One artist in particular has kept contributing, and it all began at DreamHack Summer 2013 which has since then grown into a true love story. Despite touring whole Europe, he has always returned to the halls of Elmia with crowded live performances. For DreamHack Winter 2017, Altégo’s back for the TENTH time to once again close DreamHack!



Altégo does everything in his power to make the atmosphere peak at the dance floor with his musical energy and love for entertaining the audience. He is probably the only DJ in the world who has dislocated his shoulder by waving frantically during a performance, pulled it back and continued like nothing happened! With a wide repertoire of his own songs together with live mashups and bootlegs, as well as his unique way to mesmerize his dance floor, we know that he will give you an astonishing experience!

For this festival you’ll be doing your 10th DreamHack event. That’s unrivaled compared to any other DreamHack live acts. How does it feel?

– It feels amazing and totally surreal, I often pinch myself to check if it’s really true! I feel very blessed and it’s a true honor to come back and be allowed to close the festival once again! <3

What is that makes you and DreamHack the perfect match?

– I’m a born gamer and my first event as a participant was back in 2005. DreamHack has always been the social meeting point for all of us that maybe sometimes feel or felt that we “different” compared to whatever “normal” means. And what is unique with DreamHack is that you are welcome as who you truly are and people embrace you instead of trying to change you. So why Altégo and DreamHack is a perfect match in my mind is because like-minded people does things together and a little bit of craziness is the perfect way to spice things up a bit!

What have you enjoyed the most with these shows?

– There are soooo many things that have happened that we almost should write a book about it. But there is one specific thing that means more than the others. After the shows people usually come up to me to maybe ask for a autograph, to take a picture together or to small talk a bit and I get happily surprised every time. Because I’m just a person like you and without you I wouldn’t be on stage so I should actually be taking your autograph instead of you getting mine! =D

– I also get lots of messages to my Facebook-page where people either thank me for the show, ask for advice to become a DJ, if I can listen to their music etc and one of them was Anton Hansson. Fantastic person! Always happy, always thankful, had a big heart, curious and he was asking lots of questions. One day in Spring last year (2016) I saw something that I didn’t understand. A status on Facebook that said that Anton was not with us anymore. So I went to his profile to see if it was true or just a bad joke. But it was true, he was gone. Then I saw something that had a big impact on my life. A picture of us together from DHW13 and his cover photo of me playing at DHS13. Right then I realized that I don’t care if there is 1 or 10 thousands of people in the audience. I don’t care if I’m tired. I don’t care if I’m not well. The only thing that matters is if I can make a positive impact on 1 person I will do it again and again and again until my ride is over!


24:00 Sunday December 3 – Main Stage Hall D

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Soundcloud: djaltego
Facebook: djaltego
Instagram: djaltego
Youtube: mrdjaltego

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