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Free Games and Prizes from H1Z1

Our friends at H1Z1 are celebrating the H1Z1 Elite Series at DreamHack Winter, and they want YOU to win big too! Play H1Z1 at the DreamHack BYOC and you could win rare in-game items and awesome IRL prizes!

If you don’t already have the game, H1Z1 is giving every BYOC ticket holder TWO FREE Steam game codes to get prepared – one for you, and one for a friend so you can have a buddy with you!

How to redeem your code

1. Log into your account on bokning.dreamhack.se. If you’re a BYOC ticket holder, the codes can be found under “My Value Codes”.
2. Log into your Steam account and select “Activate a Product on Steam…” from the “Games” menu
3. Copy and paste your code
4. Send your friend their code and these instructions!

How to participate & what you can win

1. Play H1Z1 on your computer in the DreamHack BYOC, then stop by the H1Z1 stage to spin the prize wheel and enter the grand prize drawing
2. Spin the prize wheel to instantly win prizes such as IRL H1Z1 pins and drawstring backpacks or in-game Invitational Crates and Nightmare Masks!
3. Provide your Daybreak account name and email address and, after DayBreak verifies playtime, you’ll be entered to win one of the daily Grand Prizes like Astro headsets, Corsair peripherals, rare in-game skins, and more!

Watch it live

The H1Z1® ELITE SERIES will go down live at DreamHack Winter, and there several ways to experience it. One way is to get a ticket to the event, and you can find all relevant information on the Winter ticket site to learn more about the types available! The competition will also be streamed at twitch.tv/h1z1kotk!

Stay tuned

Can’t wait for the H1Z1 action at DreamHack? Follow their social media channels for all the latest updates!
Website: h1z1.com/elite-series
Twitter: h1z1
Facebook: H1Z1
Youtube: h1z1thegame

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