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Driving and parking info

Are you driving to DreamHack Winter? Navigating to the event might be tricky, so here’s a map over the entire venue, including parking lots and road guidelines.

Parking & unloading instructions

1. Follow the BLUE arrows on the drawings, including the signs set up along the roadway. If you do not have an express pass, you need to check in at the Entré Nord (Entrance North), marked with DreamHack’s sign at the parking lot. After you have checked in and recieved your event band, follow the BLUE arrows in the area and instructions on the signs.
2. At HALL B loading bay you will get instructions from our crew how to set you up. This is NOT a parking place, only for unloading, and you can only stand here until you have
uloaded all your equipment.
3. After unloading, follow the GREEN arrows, including instructions from signs that are placed along the road in order to get you out of the area. If you want to reach the highway, follow the GREEN arrows to the end and take the third exit from the roundabout. If you instead want to park your car, then you drive straight into the roundabout and follow the BLUE arrows up to the marked parking area.

Please note: If you have an express pass you don’t need to check in at Entré Nord – you can proceed directly to the loading bay.

Play with others

If you want experience DreamHack Winter and everything that comes with it, such as the esport competitions, DreamExpo, BYOC gaming or live acts, you should head down to Jönköping this December! To purchase an event pass or BYOC ticket, head to the DreamHack ticket page to learn more.

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