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Nordic Championship Grand Finals at DreamHack Winter

The Nordic Championship season 2 is coming to an end. On December 1st it will all be decided as Rainbow Six: Siege, StarCraft II and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive takes to the stage to crown their respective champions. Over 350,000 SEK is on the line and there is no room for mistakes. Here is everything you need to know for the grand finals.


Friday December 1st

14:00 – StarCraft II Grand Finals
16:00 – Rainbow Six: Siege Grand Finals
19:00 – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Grand Finals

Watch the action online!

The broadcast will be shown on twitch.tv/nordicchampionship as well as on each respective Facebook page! The broadcast will start 14:00 CET (UTC +:01:00). Also, make sure you keep up with the social media pages to ensure that you won’t miss any of the action!

Rainbow Six: Facebook, Twitter
StarCraft II: Facebook, Twitter
CS:GO: Facebook, Twitter


Grand Final

BK is watching vs ENCE

Prize Pool (100.000 SEK)

1. 50.000 SEK
2. 35.000 SEK
3-4. 7.500 SEK


Christopher “Panky” Pankhurst
Alex “Z1ronic” Dalgaard-Hansen
Ghassan “Miloshthemedic” Finge


Grand Final

HAVU vs Passionsoda

Prize Pool (200.000 SEK)

1. 100.000 SEK
2. 70.000 SEK
3-4. 15.000 SEK


Christopher “Panky” Pankhurst
Lucas “Tenshi” Collard
Robin “Voltie” Takac


Grand Final (Bo7)

ENCE Serral vs Namshar

Prize Pool (50.000 SEK)

1. 25.000 SEK
2. 15.000 SEK
3-4. 5.000 SEK


Christopher “Panky” Pankhurst
Lucas “Tenshi” Collard
William “Somerkun” Hallén

Get your tickets today!

The Nordic Championship is going down at DreamHack Winter in Jönköping, Sweden, December 1st. If you want to see the best teams from the Nordic region fight for glory and fame, you should consider getting a ticket to the event. You can find all ticketing information on bokning.dreamhack.se.

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