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ROG DreamLeague season 8:
bracket and schedule

The teams are set for the playoffs in ROG DreamLeague season 8. $1,000,000 USD is on the line as they will fight it out in a bo3 double elimination bracket up until the final, which will be bo5. Today we’re excited to share the bracket for the playoffs, including the schedule for the whole event. Join us as we crown a new champion at DreamHack Winter in Jönköping, Sweden, December 1st-3rd.



The broadcast will run on an accelerated schedule. The times are in CET (UTC +:01:00).

Day 1 – Friday Dec 1

Stream 1 – twitch.tv/dreamleague
10:00 Pre-show
10:30 VP – Na’Vi
13:30 Secret – EG
16:30 Lower bracket round 1
19:30 Upper bracket semi final #1

Stream 2 – twitch.tv/dreamleague2
10:30 Pre-show
11:00 Liquid – Fnatic
14:00 Newbee – Infamous
17:00 Lower bracket round 1
20:00 Upper bracket semi final #2

Day 2 – Saturday Dec 2

Stream 1 – twitch.tv/dreamleague
10:00 Pre-show
10:30 Lower bracket round 2
13:45 Lower bracket round 2
16:30 Upper bracket final
19:30 Lower bracket round 3

Day 3 – Sunday Dec 3

Stream 1 – twitch.tv/dreamleague
11:00 Pre-show
11:30 Lower bracket Final
15:30 Grand Final – BO5

Watch ROG DreamLeague live!

ROG DreamLeague season 8 is going down in history as one of the greatest DreamLeague events to date! Everybody knows that the best way to watch e-sports is live, so get your DreamHack Winter ticket and attend the playoffs in Sweden! You can find all ticket information at the DreamHack Winter ticket page.

If you can’t attend DreamHack Winter there will also be several language streams broadcasting the event on multiple platforms.

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