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Here is your DreamHack PC Esports winner!

We recently held a raffle for all our BYOC attendees, offering a chance to win the ultimate gaming station – the DreamHack PC Esports computer (worth 20,890 SEK). Today we’re happy to present the lucky winner – Stella Hiscoke.

First of all, how does feel to be the winner of the DreamHack PC Esports?

– It feels amazing! I never thought I would win! I barely thought it was true when I found out!

You have previously inherited your family’s old computers. How will it be now that you will have the best one?

– I think my dad and big brother will be a little jealous, while my little brother and little sister will be happy because they get a desktop computer. It feels amazing to be able to run a good computer and get rid of all the lag!

Is e-sport a big thing in the family? Do you compete with each-other or do you prefer to play by yourself?

– We are six in the family but there are five that plays on many different platforms, Xbox, Kinect, Vive, iOS but mostly PC of course! It’s me, Dad and my big brother who play the most. We also watch a lot of games and listen to the radio show P3 Spel. My big Brother develops his own games which I assist with, and therefore I’m learning to program at Khan Academy. Many of the teachers are women and I appreciate that. I also have my own website where I write game reviews. We mostly play co-op games like Ghost Recon: Wildlands or Minecraft. I also like to play Overwatch, Titanfall 2 and Rainbow Six: Siege. Sometimes I also play titles like Firewatch and FNAF. All in all, I like many different kinds of games!

One thing you mentioned in the raffle was that you want girls to play a greater role in e-sports. How do you hope it will be in a few years?

– I really hope that more girls start playing and discover an interest for it! I have found many girls who like computer games, but I mostly play Overwatch with my best friend. We are three girls in my class who play and are seen as a bit “different”. I’m fine with it because we have become very good friends and get together a lot! I think it’s dumb that games is considered a “boy thing” and that it’s not obvious that girls also play games.

Do you have any favorite personalities in e-sports?

– I don’t have any special person but I like the team Fnatic. I mean, at Dreamhack Summer 2017, they came second in the CS:GO final!

What are you looking forward to play now with DreamHack PC Esports?

– Ghost Recon: Wildlands and Battlefield 1. It will look so much nicer with higher graphics settings. Even when I played on the lowest settings BF1 would still lag. I will also use the computer to program and draw. We will surely play VR on it too. My favorite VR game is Superhot, which is also good practice!

Lastly, what do you enjoy most about the DreamHack festivals?

– I have had a BYOC seat there the last two years, but I’ve also been there several times with event passes since I was 3 years old. I also build and tare down DreamHack together with the scouts to raise money for the choir. Unfortunately, I cannot really say what I enjoy most with the festivals because everything at DreamHack is fun, it’s the highlight of the year!!

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