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ZOWIE to offer Product Loan
Service at DHW17

To provide the premium eSports experience in BYOC, DreamHack invites BenQ ZOWIE to offer you a chance of free ZOWIE product rental service with the help from ZOWIE staffs. This opportunity is exclusively for BYOC seat 20+ ticket holders and the 20+ premium area.

How this work?

  • Fill out application: goo.gl/UCJxAF – skip all the waiting lines and ID issues
  • You will receive a confirmation from ZOWIE staff through social media or email.
  • Pick up loaned products at ZOWIE service station in 20+ area.
  • Return the products to the station before you leave.

ZOWIE has a limited spot, first run first serve. Sign up soon, and ZOWIE product development team will find the products that fit you the most!


Introduced in late 2008, ZOWIE is a brand dedicated to the development of the best competitive gaming gears available that compliment eSports athletes’ combating performance. From 2015 on, ZOWIE brand was acquired by BenQ Corp to represent the company’s eSports product line that delivers truly competitive experience and enjoyment.

More information can be found at zowie.benq.com.

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