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Retrospelsmässan is coming to DreamHack Winter

Are you a lover of arcade games? Do you enjoy the fine taste of classic console titles? Or do you prefer the craftmanship of a good pinball machine? Then look no further! DreamHack is happy to announce that Retrospelsmässan is coming to DreamHack Winter 2017!

Retrospelsmässan are the unrivaled experts of gaming nostalgia, arranging annual events in the city of Gothenburg where people can enjoy everything involving retro gaming. For DreamHack Winter, Retrospelsmässan will have an area set up in Hall C, offering all sorts of entertainment from the 70-90’s gaming era and a trip down memory lane.

Throughout Dreamhack Winter, visitors will be able to chill with retro games in the booth of Retrospelsmässan, play pinball or try the arcade machines, as well as enjoy some console gaming. Just next to these stations there will also be a marketplace with all sorts of retro-related games and merchandise.

Don’t miss out on the fun and join them for a good time in Hall C!

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If you want to visit Retromässans area or experience tons of other activities such as esports, DreamExpo, BYOC gaming or live acts, you should head down to Jönköping this December! To purchase an event pass or BYOC ticket, head to the DreamHack ticket page to learn more.

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