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DreamHack School Championship

School rivalries has existed all through the ages and now it’s time to find out which school is the best one at DreamHack Winter 2017. We invite you to represent your school in Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Together with your schoolmates you will face other school representatives and fight for the title of being the top school at DreamHack Winter 2017. Get ready, class is in session!

Tournament info

Format: Group play into single elimination bracket
Dates: December 1-3
Location: DreamHack Winter, Elmia Fair
Finals: DreamExpo Sunday December 3
Prize Pool: $900 USD + DreamHack Summer 2018 LAN tickets + Gear Prizes
Tournament Start: Evening of December 1

How to signup

All teams who wish to compete in the DreamHack School Championship has to fill out the form seen below. Make sure to read through all the information carefully before submitting your team to avoid any kind of mistakes. All members of your team needs to be from the same school to be able to compete in the DreamHack School Championship. Please note: Upper school (högstadiet) and high school students are eligible for the tournament.

A DreamHack representative will contact your team once your spot for the tournament has been confirmed. When you arrive to DreamHack Winter, make sure to confirm your spot in the tournament by visiting the Game Crew staff located in Hall D before 18.00 so they can add you to the team list for the tournament bracket.

If you have any questions, please write them in the tournament channel on the official DreamHack Winter Discord.

Get your tickets today!

Do you want to experience DreamHack School Championship at this year’s winter festival? Why not game with your friends from a confy BYOC seat? All you need is a ticket, we got a variety of options for you!

Check out the ticket site to learn how to secure your seat ticket or entrance pass!

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