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Case Mod Championship:
Master Class entrys

The DreamHack Casemod Championship is a competition where modders get showcase their creative genius with astounding PC builds at DreamHack festivals. The line-up for the Master Class competition has now been decided and we’re ready to share the list of people who managed to qualify. Join us at the case mod finals in Hall D as we crown a champion on Sunday 20:00, December 3rd!

Particpants and builds

Pontus “wasprocker” Magnusson – “Got Rads?”
Daniel “Faggan” Fagerström – “Infinity”
Roger “Bulldogge Builds” Danblad – “Amphibious”
Hans Peder “p0Pe” Sahl – “Benchy McBenchface”
Niklas “Forsberg Customs” Forsberg – “Spectrum”
Johnny “Mr.Stone” Stone – “10th Anniversary”
Tim “Timpelay” Pettersson – “Tilt”
Tim “Hukkel” Warning – “Reinhardt”

Join the Open Class

The Master Class may have been closed for other participants, but the Open Class is still available! Open Class is a competition were everyone can sign up at the event.

On the 2nd of december between 20:00 and 20:45, the contestants can get their cases and mods reviewed by judges and apply for the Open Class. This will be held in the Fan Zone area in “Lobby syd”. Judges will be present and decide who qualifies to the finals. Contestants from the Master Class can’t participate in the Open Class.

Prize distribution

Master Class

1st place: 10.000SEK
2nd place: 7.000SEK
3rd place: 4.000SEK + Ticket to DHS18

Open Class

1st place: 4.000SEK + Ticket to DHS18
2nd place: 2.000SEK + Ticket to DHS18
3rd place: 1.000SEK + Ticket to DHS18


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