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Win DHW17 tickets in the King of the Nordic Kick Off season tournament

DreamHack is happy to be sponsoring King of the Nordic Kick Off Season Tournament, a Swedish League of Legends tournament run by League of Legends Sweden and ESEN. Gather your team-mates and bring the fight to Summoner’s Rift for a chance to win BYOC tickets to DreamHack Winter!

After collaborating together for the Swedish World Championship Qualifier earlier this year, League of Legends Sweden and ESEN Esports decided to kick off a new League of Legends Tournament, open to any team playing on the EU West server.

The purpose of this tournament is to provide the LoL community with easy access to tournaments with strong opponents from all over Europe. With the support of partners like ESEN Studio Plantronics and Dreamhack, teams will not only compete for prestige, but also for prizes!

Tournament Format

The tournament qualifiers will be held during Wednesdays and Thursdays. Here’s a breakdown of the format.

Wednesday’s qualifiers

  • Bracket Single Elimination
  • Matches are Best of Ones (Bo1) until the final
  • Tournament open to all the teams playing on EU WEST
  • The bracket stops at the final
  • Qualifiers will be hosted on Challenger Mode

Thursday’s Broadcast

  • Only the Final from the Wednesday’s qualifier will be broadcasted
  • The final will be entirely broadcasted by ESEN Esports and League of Streamers
  • The final will be played in Best of 3 (BO3)
  • The team who manages to win the final will be qualified for the playoffs


  • 4 teams will compete in order to win the Title
  • 4 independant qualifiers will be held, giving teams multiple chances to reach the playoffs
  • Playoff’s Semi-Finals and Grand Final will be played Best of Fives (Bo5)


Wednesday, November 22nd: Qualifier #1
Thursday, November 23rd: Final + Broadcast #1

Wednesday, November 29th: Qualifier #2
Thursday, November 30th: Final + Broadcast #2

Wednesday, December 6th: Qualifier #3
Thursday, December 7th: Final + Broadcast #3

Wednesday, December 13th: Qualifier #4
Thursday, December 14th: Final + Broadcast #4

Saturday, December 16th: Playoffs (2 Semis + 1 Grand Final)

Join the competition!

In order to compete in the first King of Nordic qualifier, you need to sign up at the dedicated Challenger Mode page.

If you prefer to watch the games as a viewer, you can catch all the games at twitch.tv/kingofnordic!

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