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Quake Champions – qualified teams and players

DreamHack Winter is less than a month away and the stage has already been set for a great clash between some world’s best players in Quake Championship. Here are all the players & teams who managed to qualify for the upcoming competition in Jönköping, Sweden.

After qualifiers in over five regions, The Quake Champions Invitational is bringing in players from all over the world to compete at DreamHack Winter, December 1-3. 24 players in Duel and 12 teams in Sacrifice to compete for fame, glory and a prize pool of $350,000. 14 players and 7 teams have been decided through the qualifiers:

Qualified for Duel


Qualified for Sacrifice

Stacked (noctis, fazz, tox, 2GD)
Modus Operandi (clampOK, sane, griffin, yenOm)
Team zR (tuto, mesita, magh, etjx)
No Drama (cas, NaVi.C8LLERZg2a, krysa, VP.cYpheR.G2A)
WinRAR License Salesmen (busdriverx, lithz, Juven1le, Spart1e)
Bed, Bath, and Beyonce (No Lives Matter) (br1ck, Effortless, Psygib, Pit)

To spice it up a notch, Quake Champions Invitational will also host a BYOC qualifier on location at DreamHack Winter. Duel will feature 2 BYOC slots while Sacrifice will have 3.

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Check out our Quake Champions Invitational page for full details on the event.

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