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Learn your locations: Hall A

DreamHack Winter 2017 is held in the gigantic venue of Elmia, and to navigate among its great halls can be tricky. To help you learn all the locations and find activities of interest, DreamHack will be releasing a piece of the event map each week. Starting today, we present Hall A – home of esports.

Event Map – Hall A

Click the map below to see the full sized image of Hall A!

The new esport center of Hall A is DreamHack’s latest endeavour to take the best competitions to the next level.
Many of the games will have finals played in front of hundreds of people on dedicated esport scenes, easily navigated with close proximity from each-other.

This is Hall A

  • Two big scenes
  • Esports, including CSGO, Quake Champions and H1Z1
  • More than 1700 crowd seats
  • Sleeping Hall
  • Upgraded 20+ premium area with more seats
  • Mobile kiosks – Don’t miss out on the action and buy refreshments from your seat!

Get your tickets!

Do you want to experience the world’s best esport tournaments live? Then all you need is a ticket! Check out the ticket site to learn how to secure your seat ticket or entrance pass!

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