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Esport security crew – DreamHack Summer 2017

Greatness always comes back:
DreamHack Crew

DreamHack has been around since 1994, and over its 22 year long history it has grown from a small computer happening to the massive LAN party it is today. This would not have been possible were it not for the many passionate people that have poured heart and soul into the festivals. Starting today, we will highlight those who keep returning to DreamHack, year after year. With our first post we focus on the machinery itself – the DH Crew.

The volunteer workers of DreamHack Crew have always been an integral part of DreamHack over the years. Many of them have found a family within the festival and keeps coming back to make DreamHack greater with each event. Some crew have been around longer than others, and a few are absolute titans – attending far more events than any other.

Since we want to celebrate these enthusiasts, we’ve compiled a list of their attendace. Here are those who’ve attended more than 20 DreamHack Summer or Winter events over the years.

Crew Hall of Fame

35 – Andreas “G3” Larsson
34 – Robin “Reth” Johansson
33 – Fredrik “prozzerg” Arnell
31 – Jonathan “stamp” Grimmtjärn, Gustav “TukTuk” Karlsson
30 – Dennis “Bubben” Greve
29 – Jens “Snoris” Fredriksson
28 – Anders “Phteven” Crona, Kim “_max_” Johansson, Markus “SoundGoof” Häll, Mattias “Axel” Axeteg, Christoffer “Melin” Melin, Niklas “Lundis” Lundberg, Cecilia “Sissi” Haapasaari
27 – Therése “tezt” Arnell, Charlotte “zoetflikka13” Olsson
26 – Kikki “zoetflikka14” Ädel, Carolin “carro” Hult, Johan “blacky” Olsson
25 – Daniel “Tisteagle” Wennberg, David “Ensten” Bergling, Jerker “Jerker” Bengtsson, Martin “Misse” Bergman, Stefan “Stibbe” Svensson, David “Hulth” Hulth, Markus “suom1” Viitamäki
24 – Jens ”Backeman” Backeman, Louise ”lo0” Löfling, Peter ”vizay” Lamperud, Thomas “Toiva” Savolainen
23 – Josef ”Findus” Eklann
22 – Catarina ”Trixy” Törnfeldt, Jonas ”Mossan” Mossbring, Erika ”IcA” Faxén
21 – Gustav ”Gussoh” Sohtell, Alexandra ”niiinen” Eriksson, Eric ”epix_p1” Pütter, Johan ”FoxBat” Ohlsson
20 – Max ”Pengi” Sikström, Erik ”nagrazol” Järlestrand, Christopher ”Totai” Alfinson, Kalle ”Jakepravoo” Forsemalm, Natalia “Nayya” Solberg, Ulf “Snyto” Blixt

Stay tuned as we return with more greatness – next time with our most passionate visitors! If you want to apply to the DreamHack Crew yourself, check out the Crew application post.

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