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DreamHack is incredibly hyped to announce that the master of addictive earworms, flash animator extraordinaire and internet legend, Mr. Weebl is coming to DreamHack Winter and will perform live from the Main Stage in Hall D with Weebl and friends. Join us as we make history at DreamHack Winter 2017!

Does “Badgers”, “Amazing Horse” or “Shrimp Glockenspiel” ring any bells? Well it should, because if it doesn’t then you’ve probably never used a computer in your entire life!

With his repetitive melodies, Jonathan “Jonti” Picking – also known as Mr. Weebl, has blessed an entire generation with songs that simply can’t be forgotten or removed from one’s consciousness once heard. The list of unforgettable songs are many and among the most popular is “Narwhals” with over 51 million views on Youtube.

Live act info

When: Saturday 20:00, December 2nd
Where: Main Stage, Hall D

Book your seat today!

Want to see Weebl and friends bring peace, prosperity and harmony to Hall D in Elmia live? Then you better get a ticket! Check out our ticket site to learn more about the ticket types available!

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Youtube: MrWeebl
Instagram: weebls_stuff
Twitter: TheWeebl
Facebook: Weebl

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