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DreamHack ASTRO Open qualifiers are live!

The next stop might be in Denver, but DreamHack ASTRO Open is already laying out the details for the last stop of the year at DreamHack Winter in December! If you want to sign up for the upcoming tournament, read the information below and follow the instructions. Rally your team and compete against the best!

Qualifier Information

EU qualifiers

11/11 – EU Open – 512 teams max – Checkin 14:00 CET – Start 15:00 CET – 8 teams qualifies for closed qualifier
12/11 – EU Closed – 16 teams – Start 12:00 CET – 8 invited, 8 from open qualifier – 1 team qualifies for Winter

NA qualifiers

11/11 – NA Open – 512 teams max – Checkin 3PM CT – Start 4PM CT – 8 teams qualifies for closed qualifier
12/11 – NA Closed – 16 teams – Start 1PM CT – 8 invited, 8 from open qualifier – 1 team qualifies for Winter

Winning teams will receive travel and accommodation for the event for 5 players and 1 coach/manager. Make sure to sign up through the ESEA link by going here.

How to sign up

How to register for the qualifier:
Log in to the ESEA website and open a support ticket. Please use the name “Winter EU” or “Winter NA” for the ticket subject with “Events” as the ticket type.

Provide the following information in the ticket:
Team Name:
Qualifier name: (Use Winter EU or Winter NA in the name)
ESEA player 1 link:
ESEA player 2 link:
ESEA player 3 link:
ESEA player 4 link:
ESEA player 5 link:
(if required) ESEA player 6 link:
(if required) ESEA player 7 link:
Submit a ticket and wait until a member of the admin team will add you to the tournament.
Registration will close 2 hours before the event is set to start.

Watch it live

The last DreamHack ASTRO Open tour stop of the year will be played DreamHack Winter, December 1-3. If you’re not participating yourself you should come see it live! The only thing you need to enjoy DreamHack ASTRO Open is a valid entrance ticket. You can find them at the DreamHack Winter ticket page.

If you can’t attend DreamHack Winter, we will be streaming the show on multiple platforms and languages online, such as Twitch and DreamHack.TV.

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