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BYOC Game rows back for DHW17

The DreamHack festivals is all about gamers coming together for the ultimate social experience – the LAN. What better way then, than to sit together with fellow gamers sharing your passion for your favorite game? These are the game rows!

With the success at previous festivals, DreamHack will once again host rows at DreamHack Winter, dedicated to specific games where gamers can meet and share their passion for a special game. This time, we’re expanding the concept, adding even more rows to Hall D. Team up with old friends or get to know new ones! Maybe you need to find a new squad for your esports team? You can of course sit at a specific game row even though you don’t fancy that game.

We will also be adding a couple of new games to the mix:

  • PUBG
  • Dota 2
  • Destiny 2
  • GTA V

Learn more about what game rows you can book here below, or at our Game Row page.

Book your seat today!

Want to experience the best part of gaming from the comfortable chair of your BYOC Game Row seat? Check out our ticket site to learn how to secure your spot at one of the rows.

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