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Main stage returns to Hall D

Lasers, bass and an infinite number of “HALLÅÅÅ”! DreamHack is excited to reveal some major changes for its upcoming festival in Jönköping, Sweden, December 1-4. This winter, we’re bringing back some epic LAN feeling to the greatest hall of them all. The stage is set.

Ever since DreamHack Summer 2016, Hall D in the Elmia venue has been lending its vast area to esports, hosting some unforgettable competitions in games like CS:GO, StarCraft II and Overwatch. For DreamHack Winter 2017 however, there will be some reshuffling of the festival layout.

With most of the esport action now moving to Hall A, DreamHack is excited to announce that the Main Stage will be making a glorious return to the hall where it belongs – Hall D. Hall D will once again feature some of the best happenings of the festival, with all the biggest live acts, musical performances and raffles.

Book your seat today!

Want to experience the beating heart of the festival while also enjoying the best live performances in Sweden – all from the comfortable chair of your LAN seat? Check out our ticket site to learn how to secure your spot in Hall D. More seats will be released for Hall D this fall, but if you want to make sure you get your spot – act today!

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