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DreamHack Winter ticket release

Today, during this wonderful Friday, we are excited to release the tickets for DreamHack Winter 2017, arranged at Elmia in Jönköping, Sweden, December 1st – 4th. Don’t hesitate and wait – be sure to book your ticket today!

When and where are tickets available?

Tickets will be released today, Friday July 14th, 12:00 CET, on our booking site. Simply head over to bokning.dreamhack.se to secure your ticket!

Ticket Breakdown

Standard BYOC – 990 SEK
Express BYOC – 1070 SEK
20+ Premium – 2200 SEK
20+ BYOC – 1350 SEK
Event Pass – 600 SEK
Day Pass – 200 SEK

Read more about our different tickes types at the ticket information page.

Early birds gets all the swag

As an Early bird customer you get to pick your seat before anyone else. If you are quick to grab a ticket you will receive some awesome perks, including the opportunity to book your BYOC seat before anyone else, as well as the brand new Mystery Box!

The Early Bird tickets are available from July 14th 12:00 CEST until August 14th and are only available for all the different BYOC tickets (not Event and Day Pass). This years Early Bird perks are the following:

  • Exclusive 24 hour Seat Map pre-release on the 14th August (regular seats can be booked from the 15th July)
  • Mystery Box (minimum value 200 SEK)
  • Destiny 2 Beta Code (First 400 or until 18th Jul)

Stay Updated

To stay updated about everything and anything related to DreamHack Winter 2017? Join the event on Facebook, use the hashtag #DHW17, and follow us on Social Media:
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