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See all the best esports action live at DHW17

Once again, DreamHack is arranging world class esports live from the DreamHack Winter 2017 venue in Jönköping, December 1st – 4th.

DreamHacks esport tournaments are for everyone – from audiences ranging from casual and fun, to real hard core attracting professional players. All major genres like Team FPS, Duel FPS, Racing, Fighting, Sports, and strategic games are featured at DreamHack festivals at some level.

Many of the tournaments are open for everybody and often starts in the BYOC area then moves on to a tournament area. The final for the main games is played in front of thousand of people on dedicated esport arenas, the main stage or in the LAN.

Just like DHS17, we’re offering a lot of popular games to experience live from the venue. Check out our esport page to learn more about the different tournaments and the other tournaments coming to DreamHack Winter 2017. More information will be added over time, so stay updated!



Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

DreamHack ASTRO Open

Launched in 2012, DreamHack Open is DreamHack’s premiere esports circuit featuring multiple live LAN tour stops across Europe. Eight CSGO teams from around the world will compete for a chance to reach the $100,000 DreamHack Open event at DreamHack Winter 2017. Stay tuned for more information!

Website: open.dreamhack.com
Twitter: @DreamHackCSGO
Facebook: @DreamHackCSGO



Dota 2

DreamLeague Season 8 Finals

Founded in the fall of 2013 DreamLeague is one of the longest running Dota 2 leagues in the world and only the very best teams have been able to call themselves DreamLeague champions. DreamLeague is playerd on a weekly basis with great Dota 2 matches and will continue with the fantastic DreamLeague spirit to make sure all Dota 2 fans around the world have high quality Dota 2 broadcasts to tune in to on a regular weekly basis. At DHW17, DreamLeague will host the playoffs to crown this year’s last champion.

Website: dreamleague.dreamhack.com
Twitter: @DreamHackDota
Facebook: @DreamHackDota




DreamHack Hearthstone Grand Prix

The DreamHack Grand Prix circuit was launched in 2015, starting with the two centrepieces of the DreamHack events, Summer and Winter. In 2016 Grand Prix expanded, adding Austin and Valencia to the list of stops for the tournament. It has expanded into what is now recognised as the largest third party tournament in the Hearthstone scene, spanning across two continents with thousands of participants and over $100,000 in prizes. It is widely considered among players as one of the most prestigious tournaments in competitive Hearthstone to win.

Website: grandprix.dreamhack.com
Twitter: @DreamHackHS
Facebook: @DreamHackHS



Super Smash Bros. Melee

DreamHack Smash Championship

The DreamHack Smash Championship 2017 season will be covering events in North America and Europe. In total there will be $100,000 on the line in Smash tournaments during our 2017 LAN events. Six events will host Smash tournaments; four in North America, and two in Sweden.

Twitter: @DreamHackSmash
Facebook: @DreamHackSmash



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